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Pacific Rim National Park (Long Beach Unit): Click for BIG map
1. Half Moon Bay (Willowbrae)
2.8km - The trail is flat for the first 2km, then follows a series of stairs and ramps down to either Florencia Bay or Half Moon Bay. The trail is part of the old route from Ucluelet to Tofino and you can still see evidence of the corduroy road. Half Moon Bay is nice at low tide, out on the rocks in the center of the bay you'll see many urchins, chitons and different sea stars. Access to the trailhead is on Willowbrae Rd, about 2km towards Ucluelet, past the junction.
Half Moon Bay Trail Half Moon Bay Trail Half Moon Bay
2. Bog
1km - This self-guided trail is different than any other in the park. There are no big trees here, but you will see many different things such as the Sundew and Shore Pine trees. There are booklets at the trailhead and as you follow the trail, there are marked stops where you learn about the features of the bog.
Bog Trail Sundew Labrador Tea
3. Rain Forest
1.2km - Two different trails actually, both are about a kilometer long, and are on either side of the highway. There are lots of informational signs that explain what you're seeing, and what to look for. BIG trees!
Rainforest Trail Rainforest Trail Rainforest Trail
4. Spruce Fringe
1.5km - A very interesting loop trail that passes by the wind-shaped spruce at the edge of the beach and takes you into the forest to see some big trees. Interpretive signs along the way.
Spruce Fringe Trail Tree grown over a nurse log Indian Paintbrush

5. Gold Mine
3km - A pretty boring trail unless you're interested in the history of a gold mine, which you won't see on the trail. The Rainforest trail is a better choice. A good choice if you're on a bike, there are no stairs and if you're a little adventurous and maybe willing to get a little wet, you might be able to access Florencia Bay at the end, although it is not officially part of the trail.
6. Schooner Cove
1km - There used to be camping allowed on the beach at Schooner Cove, but not anymore. It's still a nice trail, and a good way to get down to long beach when there's nowhere to park on a busy summer weekend. Box Island, right across from the end of the trail, as you walk on the beach, is a good place to explore the intertidal zone.
7. South Beach
1.5km - Short trail from the Wickaninnish that goes along the border between beach and forest. You'll see big crashing waves on rocky headlands. It's a nice side-trip if you're spending a while at Wickaninnish Beach.
8. Wickaninnish
5km - It's a long trail, if you want the exercise, go for it ;)

9. Radar Beaches
?km - This trail is not maintained or patrolled by Parks Canada. There are steep sections and there are tree roots growing across the trail, but it is easy to follow and you won't get lost.
Warning sign Radar Beach Trail Radar Beach Radar Beach

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